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You're looking at a healthier bottom line.
Beautiful, isn't it.

Healthier employees are more productive employees.

Organizations with health and well-being programs have 11% more revenue produced per employee resulting in an increase of 27% in shareholders returns.

Fitness Fiduciary is dedicated to supplying your employees with the tools to improve their well-being.

Employee well-being is critical to your company’s success and profitability.

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Fitness Fiduciary Corporate
Well-being Program Benefits

  1. Increase in team member productivity

  2. Reduction of sick leave

  3. Improvement of work environment

  4. Greater ability to handle stress

  5. Increase in team members mindfulness

  6. Improvement in team work

  7. Improvement in energy and concentration

  8. Increase in sales volume

  9. Decrease in presenteeism

  10. Improvement of corporate bottom line

Sport Exercise


Green Goodness


Yoga in Nature


Fitness Fiduciary Corporate Team Well-being Programs

Biological Compared to Chronological Age Survey sent one week before presentations.

Level  I​

One Day

  1. One hour – In House – Presentation with 15 min Q&A.

  2. Three months of email contact to answer any questions for all team members.

Audience Clapping

Level  II​

Day One

  1. One hour – In House – Presentation with 15 min Q&A.

  2. Three months of email contact

Day Two

  1. Personal well-being consultation with each team member – 15 minutes

  2. Fitness facility match – location and workout goals

Corporate Fitness Center design and development

Home Fitness Studio design and consultation

Team Fitness Fiduciary: our job is to help
your team excel at their jobs.

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Lindsay Siege

Hi, I am Lindsay! I never stepped into a gym until the age of 24. I woke up one morning in 2014 and realized that I was the heaviest I had ever been and had NO idea how to even begin to rectify that fact. I went to a few healthy coworkers seeking advice and found a fitness community within them. From there, my passion has grown to educating others on how to take charge of their health and lives! In 2015 I became a Fitness Professional for Lifetime Fitness, where I still help others reach their health and fitness goals. I am a certified Nutrition Coach, Metabolic Specialist, Strength Trainer and Fat Loss coach. My goal is to empower you to take charge and lead the life that you want through your health and fitness. Together, we can make the changes you need to attain the results you want. Come with questions, as I LOVE to interact with my audiences.  


Hi, I'm Gene White.

I've been in the fitness business for 40 years. I was the Racquetball Pro for many clubs in the Dallas area. For 10 years I managed health clubs including The International Athletic Club, one of the largest clubs in the country, Racquetball Resorts International, The University Club and Private Workout.  Responsibilities included the development of the yearly budget, the marketing approach, touring procedures and member closing. During my 25 years as a personal trainer, I was a “Trainer to the Stars” working on movies like” Born on the Fourth of July” starring Tom Cruise and “Silkwood” starring Meryl Streep, Cher and Kurt Russell.  I'm personal trainer to Leisa Hart, The Abs and Buns of Steel video star!  Also Dr. Ralph Rashbaum, founder of Texas Back Institute and nationally recognized Orthopedic Surgeon. I am a practicing Gerontologist, an expert in the aging process and have studied the foremost authorities on Anti-Aging in the world.

My specialty is to develop well-being programs for all ages and fitness levels from people who have never worked out to professional athletes!  I am the author of the Well-being Program – “The Infinity Plan, a Blue Print for Anti-aging”.  


Cynthia Cramblett

Cynthia is a dynamic enthusiast of all forms of fitness in and outside of the gym!  As a former National NPC competitor she has a dialed in approach to nutrition along with weight training that she like to supplement with outdoor activities such as cycling, surfing, mountaineering and snowboarding.

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