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How workplace Fitness Fiduciary well-being program benefits your business!

The majority of global employers have health promotion strategies. Research shows that workplace well-being programs (also known as corporate well-being programs) help create a win-win situation which has a positive impact on both employees and employers. Here are nine key benefits.

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1. Reduced costs

Having healthy employees has clear financial benefits, and can drastically reduce healthcare costs for employers.

Employers have had a vested interest in providing preventive health-related services for almost a hundred years now.”

In the US, nearly 35% of adults are obese, 20% smoke cigarettes, and 33% do not get enough exercise. All of these factors increase risk and incidence of chronic diseases such as heart disease and cancer, creating billions of dollars of health-care costs. Well-being programs help employees to adopt behaviors that improve their health, creating a happier, healthier workforce.


2. Reduced stress

Well-being programs can help to reduce stress among employees. A 2015 New York Times article on health insurance company Aetna cites a 28% reduction in stress levels, a 20% improvement in sleep quality, and a 19% reduction in pain as a result of its mindfulness program.

 “Mindfulness-based stress reduction” (MBSR) can make a major influence on influencing the reduction of stress that can lead to lower productivity, reduced morale, and even absenteeism.

As well as reducing stress, mindfulness has been shown to improve memory and focus, reduce emotional reactivity, improve cognitive flexibility, and enhance self-insight.


3. Great productivity

Research on involuntary well-being programs with one large US media and education company demonstrates that these programs have the potential to “reduce absenteeism, improve productivity and boost job satisfaction.

Drury notes that a healthier workforce leads to less time off sick and better organizational performance. She states, “firms that encourage a ‘well-being culture’ are showing that they care about their employees – and can expect a payoff in terms of morale, motivation and productivity.”


4. Increased morale

Well-being programs demonstrate goodwill from an employer towards employees and therefore tend to have a positive effect on employee morale. Organizations are also increasingly offering financial rewards for participation in well-being activities.

Current research is examining whether well-being can be made compulsory. As Drury notes, it is difficult to predict “whether well-being can be made compulsory – and if compulsory, whether it still delivers a ‘win-win’ results.”


5. Improved relationships

By aiding employees to reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety and other conditions that lead to conflict, well-being programs improve relationships among employees by minimizing conditions that lead to conflict.

6. Improved attendance

Well-being programs help to improve the health of a company’s workforce.  Elevating the health of your team and minimizing stress as much as possible can increase their overall satisfaction in their role by making them feel more invested in their work.  When team members feel healthy and morale is good, they’re more motivated to come to work and perform at their best, improving company-wide attendance.

7. Reduced Presenteeism

The Fitness Fiduciary Well-being program will help reduce presenteeism which is when employees are at  work physically but not mentally.  They are at their desk but their mind is somewhere else.  If a team member has stress that they cannot deal with that will increase their presenteeism.   If they feel unhealthy because of an illness, lack of sleep, bad nutrition or lack of exercise, the well-being program will help them fight to improve all of these reducing  presenteeism.  The reduction of presenteeism will increase corporate profits and reduce overhead.

8. Attracts New Talent

Besides salary, prospective employees are also interested in seeing what other benefits a company has to offer employees.  Research shows that many job candidates include well-being programs on the list of benefits that are extremely important to them.

9. Improved Immunity

We will outline a supplement and lifestyle change program to improve the immunity for all your employees!

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